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Thursday, November 18, 2010

NYOIL present PEMG (Game Time) Part 1

If you don't know NYOIL by now it's time you get to know him. I can comfortably put him up their under the header of Activist, he doesn't just have a title this dude puts in work. Below is one of his most recent work that stems from his youth mentoring outreach program PEMG


Game Time features the talents of 3 of the young ladies in the PEMG mentoring program Lady Bree (12 yrs old) , Kennedy (16 yrs old)  and Big Nay (18 yrs old) It's produced by another member of my program STG (20 yrs old) it's the first beat he ever produced

PEMG is currently featured on websites like,. and and have performed most recently at the Zulu Nation 36th anniversary to rave reviews.

after you check them out .. please feel free to call me directly at 347.291.3094 with any feed back or strategy you may have in mind that i can use to successful get these kids out there. I truly believe if kids like these can make it.. GOOD KIDS.. with actual SKILL.. that it could do so much for our culture.

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PEMG is youth mentoring through hip hop with the purpose of reinforcing community values,sense of purpose entrepreneurial spirit,and problem solving. PEMG is a gateway organization focused on preparing young minds for the future.PEMG focuses on rich media and young people developing a business from scratch

PEMG's core mission is to rejuvenate the imaginations of our young people To set high standards that challenge them without daunting them. Developing character traits that will serve our youth beyond the artistic endeavor and transcend to their everyday lives.

In the lives of our Youth Mentoring program PEMG means Proper Execution Makes Greatness. Learn more about PEMG's youth outreach programs and how you can contribute as well as join our efforts to change the conditions of our communities one person at a time.



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  1. We appreciate this Dj D'Chris, thank you for looking out for us bro. PEMG if you aint know!!! PEACE.....

  2. DJ D'Chris, much love for showing the team some love. these ladies are killn' em' right now! we gots to let them know!!