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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Vets of Kin – Pestilence


Your  I-pod list, mp3s or whatever you got is incomplete if you don’t have Vets of Kin – Pestilence in your collection. From head nodding beats to lyrics that make you "Damn" before pressing rewind, Vets of Kin got you waiting to hear what’s next while wanting to listen to a past track again. These Orlando emcees AMiAM, MyGrane McNastee, Murdoc, Shinobi Stalin, JBiz, Unique Assassin, Tone Blare, P!, Word Chemist, Clarity, and John Z. Delorean are not giving you anything half done, everything on the tape is done to perfection. 

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 01. Yes Yes Yall (prod. by Shinobi Stalin)
02. Hopeless ft. T.B. (prod. by Tone Blare)
03. 360 (prod. by Shinobi Stalin)
04. We MC (prod. by CoDrum)
05. Stargate Troopers (prod. by The KickDrums)
06. Track Bullies (prod. by AMiAM)
07. Up In The Spot (prod. by AMiAM)
08. Quest Link (prod by N.O.T.E.)
09. MC EMS (Skit)
10. Ciphers Collide (prod. by AMiAM)
11. Drum Spit (prod. by DJ Trax)
12. Trees (prod. by Shinobi Stalin)
13. The Reign ft. N.O.T.E. (prod. by Tone Blare)
14. Break Ice On The 20th (Skit) (prod by AMiAM & JuniAli)
15. Ceremony (prod. by DarkHorse)
16. Go To War (Skate Rock) (prod. by AMiAM)
17. Transmission (prod. by MF Doom)
18. Outro
Download Vets of Kin - Pestilence at Datpiff Pestilence or limelinx Pestilence

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