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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A conversation with Vikter Duplaix

Article from 215 Magazine

The phrase “you cant get where you’re going without knowing where you’ve been” may as well be Vikter Duplaix’s creed. A native Philadelphian, musical historian/tastemaker/DJ and cultural influencer all at once, he has spread his wings to Los Angeles but he carries the eclectic spirit of our city with him at all times. He was gracious enough to speak at length about getting his start as a DJ, his musical legacy and the cultural and philosophical differences between Philly and L.A.

You originally built your career up in Philly before finally moving to L.A. What caused the move?
My original goal was to be bi-coastal. Before the economy crashed, I maintained a home in Philly and tried to get back to it at least one week per month. I underestimated exactly what it would take financially and mentally to do it. I eventually felt stuck in some type of social limbo. That scenario combined with frequent and long international trips left me completely exhausted and negatively effected my productivity and creativity. The choice to stay more in L.A. was primarily made from an entertainment business perspective. I wanted to grow as an artist and creative entity. I wanted to come in contact with a larger base of my creative peers. I wanted to learn from and measure my self against the best of the best on a daily basis. I needed a passion check. I knew I hadn't reached my full potential and I felt the comfort of home would never force me to. Seeing the world has taught me that Philly is a unique place. I define myself as a member of the great Philadelphia tribe. But us Philly folks have a bad tendency of not leaving to experience other spaces and places to the fullest. It's almost as if we think we'll be seen as traitors to our own family and bloodlines by venturing outward. That mentality keeps people living in West Mt. Airy from ever seeing 58th and Baltimore and Art Museum dwellers saying Main Street in Manayunk is too far to go for dinner. I can call it because I've done it. Ultimately, I needed to expand. L.A. probably won't be my last stop. I've got my eyes on a few continents right now. But nobody will ever be able to take me and Philly away from each other.

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