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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Artist Spotlight:; Mygrane McNastee

 SUPA SPIC II Memoirs by Mygrane McNastee...Domination Recordings

If you like that hip hop that goes against the grain, you know the kind that makes you go "What!"...and you start the track over. Then yes this is for you, Mygrane hits you from every direction like a rapping heavyweight boxer. The true hip hop enthusiast is going to appreciate this from start to finish. Definitely one for ipod it on repeat!

Download here: 
Supa Spic

The second Chapter of Adventures with MyGrane McNastee, and his experiences with other Super Humans has been bottled and preserved, ready to serve! 

This musical collage has featured Emcees such as: Vets of kin, Grey Matter, Tri-Fecta, Yah Yah, Kap Kallous, Kronic Plague, T.B., Ceddy B, Presto and more. With Original production by: Darkhorse, Tempermental, DJ Needles, Tony Blare, Amiam, Abbott, E-Cleazy, Optiks and KickDrums.

This Epic Project proves MyGrane McNastee to be an Ultimate factor for today’s essential HIP HOP enthusiasts, continuing to be unmatched bar for bar by most rap artist ever! Come take flight with the Supa Spic as he gives birth to verses which riddle you with brain-games. Enhance your mental hygiene by diving deep into these adventures. !Strength! ...

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